Covid Creations

I’ve seen so many creative people during the last twelve months that may not have normally done what they have without the impetus of covid. From recreating how their business runs, to selling a totally different product (gin and hand sanitizer comes to mind) as well as reviewing systems and processes (I’ve done this recently for one client).

So whilst covid may have prevented us all from heading overseas or spending time with family during its peak time, it has had its benefits. Just look at the push for buying Aussie made products recently and reinventing our business to stay afloat. Tough times have always called for tough measures-though for many, they were creative energies spent on businesses that may not have been functioning at the best capacity.

I would suggest that we really need to rethink our negativity during this time and look at the positives which have resulted instead.

-Oh and whilst it’s not over yet, and there may be more to come which will challenge us all again, we do need to stop and reflect on the creativity.

What has your business done differently during this period?